An award-winning strategic approach to corporate sustainability

PalletBiz was awarded a prize for an outstanding study depicting our sustainability agenda and solutions at the IFUA Green Controlling Award
We advocate the urgency to become an active contributor to sustainability
Investing efforts and resources in PalletBiz and its microenvironment to become more sustainable is a top-level priority throughout our network

Our sustainability approach

Considering that PalletBiz operates in an industry that is heavily dependent on the abundance of quality raw materials (particularly wood), as well as on other resources such as energy, fossil resources, and water, we recognize that we must strategically deal with our impact on the environment and the respective social constructs. Being of Scandinavian origins, our network is a strong advocate of sustainable development – and we are committed to “greening” our operations as much as possible, strictly whilst, however, avoiding greenwashing. To that end, we have already achieved various sustainability-oriented milestones network-wide, the details of which we have enclosed in a news communication. One of the most fundamental steps was the development of the PalletBiz Corporate Sustainability Strategy, which is expected to frame and guide our present and future endeavours towards the meaningful and comprehensive integration of the sustainable development principles into the core of our business model. Click on the picture to the right to read the PalletBiz Corporate Sustainability Strategy!
Furthermore, we at PalletBiz welcome and recognize any attempt that puts sustainable development in focus, and we are continuously exploring and participating in as many sustainability initiatives as possible. One such initiative was to apply for the IFUA Green Controlling Award: the Global Sustainability Department of PalletBiz had submitted a study on applied corporate sustainability within the context of the organization, and to our great delight, PalletBiz was awarded the prize for our outstanding strategic solution! Read about the further details of this milestone that have been shared in our news feed and on our Communications page, and make sure to click on the picture to the left to review the summary of the PalletBiz study and the IFUA award!

Our sustainability agenda

The PalletBiz sustainability agenda is rather complex, comprising various interrelated aspects and considerations, thereby we are extremely mindful about avoiding a fragmented, reactive approach where we only launch ad-hoc initiatives to deal with emergencies, only to return to business as usual once the fire is put out. Instead, we intend to treat sustainability as a matter with direct effects on business results, and are, consequently, only interested in having it meaningfully integrated into our core operations via a strategic and science-based approach that might pave the way towards real transformation and change, both in the case of our own operations, as well as our industry at large. The below figure shall summarize and visualize the overarching PalletBiz approach to sustainability, as well as illustrate the roots and planned undertakings of our overall sustainable strategic management processes.

PalletBiz & the UN SDGs

Sustainability as defined in the 17 UN SDGs is attributed with a core importance in the PalletBiz discussions and communications regarding sustainable development. We have, therefore, selected those SDGs where we can actively contribute as a cooperation and a network; but by being active on those, we will passively contribute toward the “unselected” SDGs as well. The selected SDGs are the following: ​​​​​​​
  • Gender equality (5)
  • Decent work and economic growth (8)
  • Industry, innovation, and infrastructure (9)
  • Reduced inequalities (10)
  • Responsible consumption and production (12)
  • Life on land (15)
  • Partnership for the goals (17)